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Make A Request Overview

Form Overview

Managing all the various requests we receive from April Point South unit owners is a daunting task. In an effort to streamline the communication process we've created an Internet-based "Make A Request" forms - that allows us to monitor, track and enter costs associated with each request.  The "Make A Request" button above will take you to the three forms.


You will find each form very user-friendly.  Detailed comments and images can be added if they are required to communicate your request.  


Listed below is a brief outline of the forms available to our APS owners.

Which Form Should I Use?


Maintenance / Landscaping Request Form

Select this if you see repairs are required to common or limited common elements. Common elements include interior and exterior areas or buildings, pools, driveways, and boardwalk.


It may be an issue with a sprinkler leaking, lawn issues, or plant related items - this is when you select this category.

Architectural Review Request Form
(if you want to build, modify or add something)

To improve the value of our community standards must be established and the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) was created for that purpose.  If you would like to change or modify anything on the outside of your unit (or inside if construction is required) you MUST RECEIVE PRIOR APPROVAL to the work beginning.

Management Request Form

You may have a question about making payments, special assessments, or requesting copies of some paperwork. Please select this option when you wish to receive something from our management company.

Also, select this option if you wish to ADDRESS THE BOARD about a decision at the next scheduled Board Meeting.

Are You Ready To Submit A Request Form?

Select the button below to submit a request to our Board and Management Company.  Please be sure you select the correct form, complete all the questions, and select the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form.

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