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Community Manager and Board

Listed below you will find some general information about our Community Manager and a basic overview of how our volunteer Board of Directors oversees the Associations business.  If you have any questions please contact our Community Manager listed on this page.

Meet Your Community Manager

Courtney Duncan

Hello - my name is Courtney and I will be the new property manager for April Point South Condominiums. I have been managing condos in Walden since I started working at IMC Property Management and I am very familiar with the daily needs of the complexes. I am a very involved mother of three but I am always available via email as I check that throughout the day. I also have access to files at home in case of emergencies after hours so please don’t hesitate to notify me if you need to. Each association is different but I look forward to learning all about April Point South and the residents there!

How The Board of Directors Operate

This is a basic overview of how our Board of Directors oversees the management of April Point South and work on your behalf to improve the value of our community.

Fast Facts About The Board
  • Number of Board Members - Nine

  • Length of Term as Board Member - 2 Years

  • Staggered Terms - (5) Odd Years (4) Even Years

  • Volunteer Position - No Compensation


Please check back for an update.

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